SAF Update: Banking in Transformation

The two sessions that I lead on Banking Transformation in a SaaS and Composite Application World went very well. Similarly to the last post that I submitted many of the banking folks agreed with the challenges with SaaS in this highly regulated industry. However, if you look at Banking in particular, SaaS is not new….


SAF Update: The Personal Enterprise

The first speaker at the conference was Mr. Ray Lane. The title of the talk was “The Personal Enterprise”. Basically a SaaS talk. I thought there was some very good points that he made. However, I will take a Financial Services viewpoint on SaaS. There was a few key points that caught me ear:  Explosion of new…


Financial Services SAF Sessions

I will be hosting the following SAF Roundtables: Wednesday 11:15 – 12:30 – Banking in TransformationWednesday 1:30 – 2:45 – Banking in Transformation Thursday 1:30 – 2:45 – S+S in Financial ServicesThursday 3:00 – 4:15 – S+S in Financial Services Stop by if you can!


What is the Microsoft Strategic Architect Forum (SAF)

  SAF is Microsoft’s most strategic event for the architect audience and in the architecture space each year. Managed by my team the Architecture Strategy Team, SAF demonstrates to our key customers and partners, as well as the larger architectural community, our thought leadership, our vision for the future, and the reality of our platform…



Mike J. Walker Architecture Strategist, Financial Services, Architecture Strategy TeamMicrosoft Corp. Mike Walker is the managing architecture strategist for the Financial Services vertical at Microsoft.  Walker is responsible for driving and evangelizing Microsoft’s worldwide industry and vertical strategy in the banking, insurance and securities segments.  Specifically, Walker ensures that financial services institutions around the world…


Photosynth is Live!

This is a sweet application I would highly recommend checking this out! For more information check out these links: Photosynth Website: How to use:  Chanel 9: Digg: Hi-Def Video Download:


No More Starbucks Coffee Runs!

A few months back we got a starbucks machine in our building. No more than 50 feet from my office. Is there a need to leave anymore??? MS Starbucks.jpg


Gartner Enterprise Architecture and Integration Submit Coming!

If your heading off to the Gartner EA show the second week of December in Orlando, FL stop by my session on Interoperability in Financial Services. Speaker Bio and Session Details: After the show I’ll make sure I post the deck!


Mortgage Accelerator Loans

This is an article that was sent to me from an author Don Taylor from the web site This is an interesting new trend in products offered in mortgage. It is an interesting read I am sure that this will have a substantial impact on loan systems. See below: A different type of mortgage,…


More Business Continuity Questions

I keep getting asked over and over from multiple sources about business continuity . This question was specifically around banking branch offices. My response may be helpful for you as well. Yes there is a lot of movement here but it just isn’t focused on branch. Legislation moves slowly however I believe we should see…