US Secret Service calls ATM System Unsafe

I found this interesting article on Bob Sullivan’s blog. It talks about the vulnerabilities of the ATM and it’s corresponding network. After working on a few of these projects I can say that these are very real threats. Visa seems to agree but they feel that the probability is low. However this new study may…


Announcing Release of Microsoft CRM Solution Accelerator for Siebel

As a part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s expanding integration story, the MS Dynamics folks have announced the release of the Microsoft CRM Solution Accelerator for Siebel. Targeted towards current customers of Siebel systems, this accelerator is a pre-built integration solution that can be used to synchronize the data between Microsoft CRM and Siebel. The integration…


Royal Podcast

Wow podcasting has really taken off. Not that I am surprised with the emergence of Zune and iPod. It was cool to see the Queen of England has started Podcasting. The latest ‘episode’ of the Royal Podcast will be the Christmas Broacast (The Queen’s speech), which will be available from 1500 GMT on Christmas Day…


Vista Flaw a minimal threat

When I first heard this I was very concerned. However with the latest investigation and with the small install base this is not a big issue. First point here is that there is a small percentage of businesses that have adopted Vista. With this limited deployment I am sure many f these businesses have the…


LAKS Introduces Watch to Double as a Payment Device Using MasterCard PayPass

Austrian watchmaker LAKS, which has often caused a sensation in the past with its innovative products, has introduced a breakthrough product for cashless transactions. Its latest development, the LAKS SmartTransaction Watch™, is the world´s first watch equipped with MasterCard® PayPass™, a new contactless payment feature that provides consumers with a fast and convenient alternative to…


MasterCard PayPass on Ohio Turnpike

While riding around the roads, paying for tolls have always either been cash or a windshield mounted transponder like EZ-Pass or FasTrak. Well, for some motorists in Ohio, there’s now a third option. For the next three months, select exit tolls along the Ohio Turnpike will be outfitted with self-service machines that accept MasterCard’s PayPass….


Netherlands Government Reference Architecture v.1.0

The Netherlands Government Reference Architecture (NORA) version 1.0 is Now available for download. This document of 238 pages is in the Dutch language, however most of the pictures are self explaining. NORA 1.0 Website Download PDF


Happy Holidays

It has been a great holiday break here back home in Cincinnati. I hope all of you readers have a safe and happy holiday and new year!


Enterprise Architecture in Financial Services

Recently I have attended many conferences (TechEd, Gartner and SAF) and a common thread keeps emerging. Enterprise Architecture (EA). There is quite a bit of interest in EA. Given my previous experience as an Enterprise Architect I am well versed in the challenges out there today. In my current role at Microsoft I am trying…


I will be Presenting at NAPFA

The 2007 National Association of Personal Advisors (NAPFA) & Virtual Office News Technology Tools for Today Conference is the place to find out what you need to know about MS VISTA and MS Office 2007 to keep your office running smoothly. I will be presenting on how Vista and Office 2007 will address the Financial…