Linux Integration Components Now Posted!

While I'm recovering from the Virtualization Launch Event here in Bellevue yesterday (you can view the keynote sessions and all the breakouts here), there's even more Hyper-V news to share. My colleague Patrick O'Rourke had posted previously on this, but I'm proud to announce -

The final version of the Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V have been released!

Driver support for synthetic devices: The Linux integration components include support for both the synthetic network controller and synthetic storage controller that have been developed specifically for Hyper-V. These components take advantage of the new high-speed bus, VMBus, which was developed for Hyper-V.
Hypercall adapter: The Hypercall adapter is a thin layer of software that translates the Xen-specific virtualization function calls from a Xen-enabled Linux kernel to Microsoft Hyper-V hypercalls. This results in improved performance for the Linux virtual machine.
Fastpath Boot Support: Boot devices now take advantage of the storage VSC to provide enhanced performance.

Integrated Mouse support will be coming soon.

The final versions in 12 languages (with localized read me's) have been posted to the Connect site here. The registration is free.


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  1. DP says:

    I login and then get:

    The content that you requested cannot be found or you do not have permission to view it.  

    If you believe you have reached this page in error, click the Help link at the top of the page to report the issue and include this ID in your e-mail: XXXX

  2. mikester says:


    If you browse the Connection directory, you should be able to log in to Connect and then find the Linux Integration Components program.

  3. Robs Blog says:

    Here's a snippet from Mike's blog on Linux Integration for Hyper-V: The final version of the

  4. Here's a snippet from Mike's blog on Linux Integration for Hyper-V: The final version of the

  5. says:

    Please make the v2 of Hyper-V also available in the client-side OS for enterprises.

  6. CSRedRat says:

    Was latest LIS 3.4 in Ubuntu 12.10/13.04?

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