DirectX Matrix Multiply

Just in case it’s driving you nuts too, I’ve just rediscovered something. I’d be happy to be proved wrong, but I’ve been drawing pictures of axes for an hour now (sad, I know), and I’m satisfied I’m right. You might imagine that… Matrix m1 = … Matrix m2 = … Matrix m3 = m1 *…


Last Chance! UK Developer Event Saturday May 14th

Hi all – just to let you know the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper event is coming along a treat – thanks to the tireless efforts of Craig Murphy, Benjamin Mitchell and Phil Winstanley, not to mention Microsoft’s very own Sarah Brown (who is as yet not of the blogosphere. Come on Sarah…) If you haven’t registered yet and…


Announcing: A Unique UK .NET Developer Event

using DeveloperCommunity.BestSpeakers; using Microsoft.Premises;   namespace DeveloperDeveloperDEVELOPER {             class ByDeveloperForDeveloperEvent             {                         string date = “Saturday May 14th 2005”;                         string location = “Microsoft UK’s HQ, Reading, England”;                           bool isRelaxedAndInformal = true;                         bool isTechnologyFocusDotNet = true;                         bool isLunchProvided = true;                         bool arePresentersFromMicrosoft = false;                         bool isOnASaturday =…


Superb Office Dev Book

I promised another book recommendation and then failed to deliver, so I owe the remarkable Andrew Whitechapel an apology. My latest passion is for rabbiting about developing for Office in managed code. If your perception of Office dev is solely confined to the world of VBA macros be prepared to be very surprised – the story…


Whidbey VSTO Issue

My weekend was somewhat overshadowed by a rather sneaky Visual Studio Tools for Office issue in Whidbey Beta One; I’ve seen a few other people post on having encountered it but no-one thus far having fixed it. I found a brute force way of resolving it so thought I’d share – if anyone finds a…


Games Programmers – While Away These Long Winter Nights

I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a little while, partly because I’ve had my nose buried in some very good books. At the European Games Developers’ Conference last September I realised how little I knew about some of the key areas of gaming technology, and resolved to address the issue not only by buying…


Matrix Mysteries II: The XYZ Matrix

I know I promised not to be so dull in future, but enough people seem to share my curiosity about what goes on inside DirectX matrices for it to be worth publishing the details of DX’s other pre-defined matrix form, the XYZ matrix.   So, if I create rotation matrices for a rotation about X…


The Mysteries of the DirectX Roll Pitch Yaw Matrix

I know, I know – it’ s been keeping you awake too… I’ve no desire to enhance my well-deserved reputation for being interested in things that could induce narcolepsy in an insomniac, but it took me a fair few hours to get to the bottom of how DirectX manages matrices internally, so in case it’s…


Watch This Space

Hi, I’m Mike Pelton, a Systems Engineer at Microsoft UK. For a living I talk to developers about .NET, and I’m particularly interested in multimedia and 3D graphics. So I hope you are too….