Problem solved – mounting a VHD backup file

I’m sure this is documented somewhere but as I’ve just run into it I thought I would share. As I’m sure you know, Windows 7 (and IIRC Windows Vista) will generate a backup for you in a VHD format. When I was rebuilding my machine earlier this week, I decided to do a full machine…


Trouble connecting to the Visual Studio webserver this week?

Quite a few people started reporting having issues connecting to Cassini earlier in the week. I’ve seen blog posts, tweets and internal mail threads as people who had a working environment one day found the could no longer connect the next. The solution is to re-add: localhost to your hosts file (%windir%\System32\drivers\etc). So your…


Media Center Upgrade

Given the success of my “new” Media Center I thought it deserved a little more money spending on it to avoid the “Media Center would like to change channel to record xxxx” scenario. Prescribed: Dual tuners. Dual tuners allow you to either watch one channel and record another or record two different channels at the…


Twitter Script – Who’s following you (or not following you)?

Find out who your friends really are with this handy PowerShell script! Essentially it will go through your friends and followers and produce two “difference” lists; people who follow you that you’re not following and people you follow but don’t follow you back. [Update 20/2/09: Made a minor change to the sript to avoid the server returning…


Today’s Event – Catching Up on Rich Clients

Thanks to everyone who turned up for a very busy event today at Cardinal Place. The slides are now available on SlideShare and the originals will be on the MSDN Events Website in a few days. Catching up on Rich Clients Part 1 of 2 View more presentations from ukdpe. (tags: wpf xaml) Catching up…


Bring on the Media Center

My Media Center is old. Very old in fact. It pre-dates Media Center 2005 and was supplied as part of a company scheme (even mentioned on the Carrera web page). Let’s just say that, from the outset, the hardware wasn’t great. It was noisy and smelly and you wouldn’t want it in your house. So…


Macs, Viruses and the Gadget Show

Love it or loathe it (and I do both at times), I regularly indulge myself by watching a bit of The Gadget Show. It’s hardly Top Gear / Fifth Gear / any other car show on TV which I can watch all day on Dave and would do if only my wife would let me…


Windows Vista & Windows Server 2008 SP 2 Preview

I see we’ve announced broader availability of SP2 Beta on the Windows team blog. With immediate effect, MSDN and TechNet subscribers can access Service Pack 2 Beta and from 4th December it will be available to everyone via the Customer Preview Program on TechNet. For details of the improvements in Service Pack 2, see the…


Windows 7 Developer Guide

If you haven’t seen it, the Windows 7 Developer Guide gives a nice summary of what’s to come in Windows 7 (or at least some of what’s to come – there could well be more :-)) from a developer’s perspective. Download it from MSDN Code Gallery – Windows 7 Developer Guide Technorati Tags: windows,windows 7


MIX 09 Announced

PDC’s just out of the way and it’s already time to start thinking about MIX. I saw this logo on the website and thought we were going to be expected to run a 10K in the desert. Fortunately it’s 10K of storage and a challenge to do as much as you can with only 10k….