Tech.Days 2011: Save the Date

It’s that that time of year again when the big one approaches – the big event that gives us an opportunity to get out and about and tell the story of the platform, current and future. This year Tech.Days will run from 23-25 May at a venue in London. It’s an event for both developer…


Windows Phone 7 and SharePoint

I’m often asked about Office on Windows Phone 7 (typically how much does it cost it comes bundled with the OS, no extra charge). It struck me though, that if you don’t have a phone (or you haven’t had a chance to play with one) then you wont have seen the Office hub or apps…


Catching up on some reading

My blog reader’s bursting at the seams so I thought I’d try and play catch-up this morning – not quite down to a 0 inbox but not a bad effort. Here are a few things that grabbed me: ASP.NET Related WebForms aren’t dead – Dave Sussman has his say on Web Forms vs MVC ASP.NET…


Word Clouds in PowerPoint with PowerShell

James has really outdone himself here – he’s built a PowerShell script that will create lovely word clouds (ala Wordle but without quite so many options) directly into PowerPoint. This means you have something you can easily adjust afterwards (rather than just an image) and of course PowerPoint is often where you’d use these types…


Slideshare Add-in for PowerPoint 2007

If only I’d had this a week or so ago! Nice add-in that supports (amongst other things) uploading, has a nice tagging UI and even includes reporting capabilities. Meet the SlideShare ribbon for PowerPoint View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: powerpoint microsoft) Technorati Tags: slideshare,powerpoint


VBUG Annual Conference 4-5th November @ Microsoft, Reading

Both MikeT and I are speaking at the VBUG Conference this year. I’m doing an Intro to Silverlight 2 session (need to update my materials to RTW!) and Mike’s doing a session entitled "Beyond Silverlight with Windows Presentation Foundation". I see quite a few other names I recognise on the agenda including: Ken Getz has…


Diffing Open XML Files

I don’t do so much with Open XML these days but I still get a few questions from people and I’m still on some of the internal aliases. A recent message from Eric White caught my eye. "Pranav Wagh has built a much improved version of OpenXmlDiff, with a graphical user interface." TBH, I don’t…


Word 2007, Content Controls, Databinding and Schema Validation

I’ve been trying to help someone out recently who’d built themselves a nice little add-in for Word 2007 to streamline the process of adding, binding and validating content controls. It stuck me that few people know about these features and even fewer have gone to the trouble of documenting any of them. In this post,…


PowerTools for Open XML

Eric’s blogged about a new open source initiative on CodePlex for processing Open XML documents using PowerShell. Very interesting. He’s even made a video showing how to get up and running with it quickly. The PowerTools include a host of PowerShell cmdlets for performing various actions on Open XML documents which can be composed into…


Open XML SDK v1 Available From Today

Later today you’ll be able to download the Open XML SDK v1 (currently the April CTP – make sure it’s changed before you download!). This release includes a set of APIs designed for manipulating Open XML format documents at the part level (ie wrapping a lot of the lower level System.IO.Packaging APIs) as well as…