PDC 10 Sessions – The Pick of the Bunch

I’ve created a list of my favourite PDC10 videos for next week’s MSDN Flash and thought I’d share it here first so you get early access. The Future of C# and Visual Basic The Future of F# Lambdas, Lambdas Everywhere LINQ, Take Two – Realizing the LINQ to Everything Dream Inside Internet Explorer 9 Performance…


MSDN Flash Poll #12: If I had a pound

Maybe I just got out the wrong side of the bed this morning but I’m fed up with assumptions (not my own, just other peoples, mine are just fine). Does anyone else share my frustration? Or is it just me?


PDC10 Round Up

This week’s MSDN Flash features a PDC10 round up by Andrew Sinclair – a valiant effort given Andrew wasn’t there in person but took advantage of the live streaming of PDC10 as well as the on-demand facility. Below are a few photos I took at the Reading event where we were joined by about 200…


MSDN Flash Poll #11: What would you like to be doing?

In MSDN Flash Poll #10 we asked what type of software development you were currently doing. It seems logical and interesting to ask the complimentary question, what type of software development would you like to be engaged in? It also saves me from having to come up with another question for this issue. Double whammy!


What are you doing? (Poll Result)

For the last MSDN Flash we asked about what sort of dev work you’re currently doing. An excellent response this time around and things are quite closely matched between developing brand new apps and developing a new version fo an existing app. Overall though, there’s quite a wide spread. For the next Flash, I think…


Tech Cartoons (Poll Result)

Yes, time for a bit of a results catch -p again. We asked what your favourite tech cartoon was. A number of you suggested some others, not included in the poll such as Not Invented Here (thanks Jason) and Basic Instructions (thanks Matt) but I didn’t feel I could start messing with the options half-way…


Targeting multiple platforms with the cloud

This week’s MSDN Flash article is from fellow DPE colleague Martin Beeby who talks about the challenges of building mobile applications optimised for particular platform capabilities, a subject close to me heart. Anyway, I’ll let Martin explain (you can find him on Twitter at @thebeebs)… Targeting multiple platforms with the cloud The current state of…


Extending ASP.NET MVC’s Validation

This week’s MSDN Flash feature article is all about enhancing the validation support in ASP.NET MVC using the specific example of cross-field validation. My thanks to David Bending for writing the article which is a little more “code-heavy” than a typical MSDN Flash article. What do you think? Would you prefer to see more of…


MSDN Flash Poll #9 – Tech Cartoons

Another straightforward one – we all enjoy seeing the funnier side of the technology world. There are quite a few talented artists out there with a knack for highlighting obscure, weird, ridiculous or sometimes just plan banal things we can all relate to. But which one’s your particular favourite?