Adventures with the GPS Emulator Recipe

Well I was going to make it an adventure – and I did have a little one – but TBH it’s pretty well documented (there’s also a document in the download) and there are a couple of crucial limitations which put me off doing a full post about it (which I’ll mention in a moment)….


A Few Upcoming Windows Phone 7 Related Webcasts

9/11/2010 MSDN Webcast: Integrating Sensor and Location Support 11/11/2010 MSDN Webcast: The Associated Press: Embracing a Multi-screen Ecosystem for News Delivery 18/11/2010 MSDN Webcast: Better User Experience with Windows 7 Multitouch and Gestures 2/12/2010 MSDN Webcast: Delivering Multiscreen Experiences with Microsoft Technologies 4/1/2011 MSDN Webcast: Designing User Interfaces for Multiple Clients


Simulating and Mocking Location Data in the Windows Phone 7 Emulator

There are a couple of very smart and very useful projects I’ve come across for working with location data in the WP7 emulator. One is Peter Torr’s “Mock Location APIs from my Mix10 Talk” and the other is “No Device? No GPS? No Matter!” from @keyboardP (sorry, I don’t know your real name). What Peter…