A Few Upcoming Windows Phone 7 Related Webcasts

9/11/2010 MSDN Webcast: Integrating Sensor and Location Support 11/11/2010 MSDN Webcast: The Associated Press: Embracing a Multi-screen Ecosystem for News Delivery 18/11/2010 MSDN Webcast: Better User Experience with Windows 7 Multitouch and Gestures 2/12/2010 MSDN Webcast: Delivering Multiscreen Experiences with Microsoft Technologies 4/1/2011 MSDN Webcast: Designing User Interfaces for Multiple Clients


XNA from Silverlight on Windows Phone 7 – Gestures

Another example of where you might want to access XNA APIs from a WP7 Silverlight application; touch gesture support. Although Silverlight offers manipulation support, it has no direct support for the higher level concept of “gestures” (eg tap, flick). You could certainly build that yourself in Silverlight OR you may be able to use the…