Tech.Days Live Video: Lap Around Mango

Brandon Watson takes us on a tour of the upcoming release of Windows Phone “Mango” with a strong focus on developer features including multi-tasking, framework enhancements, XNA & Silverlight integration, access to phone capabilities, performance, database access, push notifications, Marketplace etc.

Direct link to the video on the Tech.Days website.

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  1. Sam Judson says:

    Ash cloud? When on earth was this filmed – the ash cloud was last year wasn't it?

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    There was another ash cloud in May this year. It affected airports in Scotland and, I think, the north of England and at one stage looked like ti might move further south. See:…/volcanic-ash-cloud-travel-disruption

  3. Sam Judson says:

    Oh yeah – I should have remembered (seeing as I live in the north of england) but I think I was so overjoyed that I wasn't flying anywhere I forgot – I was in France for an extra 3 day last year and it wasn't exactly fun 🙂

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