Finding Your App Purchase History

I’d never given this any thought until I had to do a hard reset on my HTC Trophy just before we made available Beta 2 of the Mango OS. Of course I lost my apps. I found myself scratching my head trying to remember all the apps I had installed. Of course the big ones…


Windows Phone Mango Feature Videos

[Cross posted from the MSDN UK Team Blog] Nice idea this one – ask the people who created specific Mango features to talk about them. Each video is very short – perhaps a couple of minutes – but gives you a succinct overview of features such as: Email: Conversations Email: Linked Inbox People Hub: Groups…


Windows Phone “Mango” Is Done

Or, more correctly, it has been release to manufacturing (RTM’d) – ie the development team have signed off the final build and that build is now in the hands of handset manufacturers and mobile operators. The final build number is 7720 (those of you running the beta build are running 7661). We’re still waiting on…


Windows Phone App Hub Enhancements

[This post was cross-posted from the UK MSDN Team Blog] If you’re a Windows Phone developer, the scheduled App Hub outage last Monday probably piqued your interest, along with a number of new features you may have noticed that started to roll out during the week. Sworn to secrecy here at MSDN UK towers we…


Windows Phone App Submission and Languages

You’ll have noticed we’ve made some improvements to App Hub recently. And if, like me, you’ve tried to submit an app to Marketplace since 18th July you may have encountered an error relating to supported languages. My first attempt at submitting a new app yielded this error: The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry…


Windows Phone Status Bar Symbols – What on Earth?

Having been berated on Twitter this morning for failing to be intimately familiar with the symbols on my status bar (specifically I didn’t recognise the vibrate mode symbol), I thought I’d clear things up by publishing my understanding of what they mean. Or you could follow this link if you need to know what they…


Orange Selects, Free Apps and Mango

If you have a Windows Phone and you’re on Orange, you’ll hopefully have heard that they’re celebrating the launch of the “Orange Selects” Marketplace with a free app every day for the whole of July. Today for example, you could enjoy Birdsong, the excellent Twitter client from Red Badger for free. If, like me, you’re…


Tech.Days Live Video: Expression Blend 4 – Design, Develop, Deliver

Brennon Williams takes a look at user-centred design, Expression Blend, inspiration, SketchFlow and rapid prototyping, and design templates for Windows Phone whilst at the same time attempting a world-record for the number of libellous statements referring to Will Coleman in a single presentation. Good effort!


Tech.Days Live Video: SQL Server Compact and User Data Access in Mango

In this session, Andy Wigley takes a look at the new local database features in Windows Phone Mango. Specifically SQL Server CE, how to deploy databases, how to access them and even how to update the database schema. Andy also explores the new APIs for accessing user data on the device (eg contacts).