Last Chance for Spring Cleaning – Get Your App Featured

If you’re building Windows Phone apps and you’ve not heard about “Spring Cleaning” then take a couple of minutes the review that link. Essentially, in May and June you have a chance to get your app featured in Marketplace but your app must be published to Marketplace by the 15th of the month.

The app has to be new or substantially updated. Just send an email to the team with some details and a justification. The best entries / apps get selected for promotion in the Marketplace. If your app uses Panorama / Pivot, Live Tiles or Push Notifications, you stand an even better chance.

The AppHub article also describes the different types of merchandising slots available – Panoramic, Featured Icon and Featured List.

I know there have already been a good number of submissions from UK developers and I’m looking forward to seeing even more UK apps featured.

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