Revisiting Plans A, B & C (native VHD boot)

I’d been round in circles a few times and had eventually settled on a technique that involved a 2nd drive in the UltraBay slot of my Lenovo W510 to host “expanded” VHDs when @GarryMartin tweeted me to point out there’s a registry setting that controls whether or not a native-boot VHD gets expanded on boot….


UK Tech.Days Windows Phone Agenda – What Lies Ahead

I posted the Day 1 agenda as there was some new information that hasn’t yet been published on the UK Tech.Days website. However for Day 2, things are looking pretty good. We may try and sneak in another Mango session if we can but I can’t confirm that yet. As of today, this is how…


UK Tech.Days Windows Phone Agenda – State of the Nation

When you’re organising an event, things change rapidly. Sometimes it’s just not possible to keep the Tech.Days website 100% in sync so I’ve pasted below a summary of the “Windows Phone – State of the Nation” day (Tuesday 24th May) with all the latest info. Note the addition of VerySoftware in the afternoon and the…


Windows Phone Sessions at MIX11

I’ve just spotted a great index of recordings of the Windows Phone sessions delivered at MIX11 on


Windows Phone Emulator is doing a complete OS boot…

If this starts happening whenever you launch the Windows Phone emulator Can I suggest following the advice from Eric Fleck on this thread. Delete the emulator saved state files (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\XDE) Reinstall the January Update Open an elevated command prompt Execute msiexec /update WindowsPhoneDeveloperResources_en-US_Patch1.msp   That fixed it for me.


Disk2vhd and native boot – Or how to capture and use an OS snapshot

I keep returning to this issue and this time I think I might have cracked it. Here’s my problem: I have an existing Windows 7 install on a 160GB SSD drive. From time to time I’d like to create a “branch” to install software that either [a] I will only need for a short space…


Last Chance for Spring Cleaning – Get Your App Featured

If you’re building Windows Phone apps and you’ve not heard about “Spring Cleaning” then take a couple of minutes the review that link. Essentially, in May and June you have a chance to get your app featured in Marketplace but your app must be published to Marketplace by the 15th of the month. The app…


Bagging the MIX11 Videos You Want

If, like me, you weren’t lucky enough to be at MIX this year, chances are you’ve got a bit of catching up to do watching session videos. I always dread trying to download videos over my lousy broadband connection but this year, Ben mentioned he’d used a tool to manage his downloads. I thought I’d…


Windows Phone 7 Help for iOS Developers

If you’re from an iPhone / iOS background and you’re looking at Windows Phone 7 for the first time, there are some useful resources on including an API Mapping Tool and a WP7 guide for iPhone Developers.   The API Mapping tool allows you to explore the Windows Phone 7 APIs from an iOS…


Blending the WebBrowser Control with your App

In my last post, I talked about the risks of failing to adapt your app to the selected user theme with the consequence, in that particular case was failing Marketplace certification. There are other good reasons to adapt to the selected theme of course, primarily for aesthetics and user-experience. One example I talked about some…