Get Rewarded for Creating Windows Phone Apps

If you’re in the UK we have a great offer for you – earn rewards for creating and publishing unique and original Windows Phone 7 applications. There’s a massive line-up of prizes including Xbox 360s, TVs, home theatre systems and you can also be entered for a weekly draw to win even bigger prizes such…


Tech.Days Online Conference Session Recordings

The recordings for the Windows Phone 7 Online Conference last week are now available. You can find the links below and embedded in the original agenda over here. Keynote: Developing for Windows Phone 7 in the UK (Will Coleman) General session: Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone 7 Applications and Marketplace (Mike Ormond & Paul…


Capturing Screenshots on Windows Phone 7

One of the requirements for application submission to Marketplace is a representative screenshot of your app in action. Being old-fashioned, I usually just use the built-in Snipping Tool in conjunction with the emulator (don’t forget to set it to 100% before capture). Last weekend though, at the Windows Phone Workshop in Birmingham, Pete mentioned a…


Windows Phone 7 Online Conference–Useful Links

Firstly many thanks to all of you who joined us on the Tech.Days Online Conference yesterday. It was pretty hectic in “mission control” but my thanks also to the speakers for their great sessions and for keeping to what were very challenging time constraints. I’ve collected together a few useful links for each of the…


Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for the WP7 Online Conference

When: Thursday 24th March @ 3pm GMT Where: Anywhere with an internet connection Format The conference consists of a couple of joint sessions followed by two tracks – one on building apps for Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight focused) and one on building games (XNA focused). Note that the agenda below is slightly different than the…


Windows Phone 7 Workshops–Register Now!

As I mentioned last week, we’re running a series of Windows Phone 7 workshops in Birmingham, Manchester and London. Registration is now open for all these events – the URLs are below: Saturday 26/3 – Birmingham Saturday 2/4 – London Saturday 9/4 – Manchester Saturday 16/4 – London


Windows Phone 7 Iconography

I don’t know about you but I find creating the various application and marketplace icons a bit of a chore. Perhaps because I’m not very gifted artistically or perhaps it’s just because there are quite a few things to remember. I’ve created a set of templates to make life just a little easier and thought…


ApplicationIcon must be in root directory

Just a minor itch I ran into today which I felt needed to scratch. I wanted to collect all my image resources into one place in a Windows Phone 7 app (a folder called, for the sake of argument, “images”). I knew that SplashScreenImage.jpg could not be moved but I went ahead and moved everything…


New Windows Phone 7 Workshops

We’re running a series of workshops in association with APPA Mundi to help you get your apps working, tested, polished and submitted to Marketplace. Current locations are Birmingham, London and Manchester but there may be more depending on demand. This is a great opportunity to get 1:1 assistance from MVPs and other experts to help…


Adventures with the GPS Emulator Recipe

Well I was going to make it an adventure – and I did have a little one – but TBH it’s pretty well documented (there’s also a document in the download) and there are a couple of crucial limitations which put me off doing a full post about it (which I’ll mention in a moment)….