Tech Days Online Conference in January

Looks like I’ll be presenting on the Tech Days Online Conference “Build an app for that” on 20th January 2011.

It’s an online conference featuring demo-rich sessions on building applications for the browser, Windows 7, and Windows Phone 7. The online day will offer three tracks, letting you choose which sessions are most relevant to you - whether you're just considering client development with Silverlight, or you've already got stuck in to an advanced project. We'll also explore new form factors such as Phone and Slate, and how to develop touch-based applications. Finally, of course, we'll cover the important subject of how to create beautifully designed user interfaces.

The three tracks are

  • “Applications with Windows and HTML”
  • “Applications in Silverlight – Introduction”
  • “Applications in Silverlight – In Depth”


You can see the full agenda here and you can register for the event here.


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