Now you can develop for WP7 in VB too

imageYes, that’s right. After a successful CTP of VB for Windows Phone 7, the team have now released “Visual Basic for Windows Phone Developer Tools – RTW”.

If you just want to download the good stuff, here’s the link:

Visual Basic for Windows Phone Developer Tools – RTW - Download Link

What does this mean? Well, as well as being able to write apps for WP7 in Visual Basic, the “go live” licence allows you to submit, publish and sell those applications via Marketplace. Note also that language support has been extended to match the WPDT tools support – ie English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

There’s also a set of Visual Basic Code Samples for Windows Phone on MSDN.

Be sure to check out the release notes – in particular XNA support is not available at this time.

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