And Today I Shall Mostly Be Reading…

IMG_0436… on my phone. Dolt that I am (wondering how I could get this document from my PC to my phone when all I had to do was click on the download link in IE on the phone) it took me a minute or two to figure this out.

In fact, the experience is really nice – click the DL link and you’re informed you need the PDF reader app and offered the option to get it from Marketplace. I was one step ahead here and had already initiated the install of the Adobe Reader app.

Click and up it comes. And it’s easily accessible from the start screen of the reader app. Nice for reading on the plane today on my way to Aberdeen later today.


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  1. markm says:

    ah ha! I was trying to do exactly the same thing, however from a different angle….

    I had the same PDF on my desktop and wanted to drag it into the Zune software to transfer it over (because WP7 is not a mass-storage-device) but fail! Will there ever be a Documents tab on the Zune app? If you happen to get caught out not having a wifi connection, I'll gulp at downloading 15MB over 3G!


  2. demotivateddev says:

    Awesome. Reading about programming WP7 on a WP7.

    How's the reading experience ? is it big enough ? I tried reading PDF books on my iPod touch, and while it's *just* big enough, I wouldn't like to read for too long on it.

  3. James Murphy says:

    That would be really great… if it worked…

    Ok, to expand on that  bit, I have an Omnia 7, I have (apparently) got the file downloaded… but when I go to read the file all I get is a lot of blank screen (and I'm not the only one).

    So is there some secret to getting the book to open (like waiting for a long time) or is it something broken between my omnia and adobe or is it something else? (Hmm, need to go find a smaller pdf to look at)

  4. Philip the Duck says:

    Here's a scary concept – how about a 'file system' on the phone, and an 'explorer' on your PC that allows you to put any files you like on you phone? Oh wait, that's a silly idea…

    Seriously, I *love* WP7 (been developing on it since February), but how about a 'super user' mode where we can pass a little IQ test or something and then be allowed file system access, etc., to our *own* device, just like in the good old days of Pocket PC!

  5. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    @markm The honest answer is I don't know. I see the value in doing it but whether it's a priority or not I'm afraid I have no idea.

    @demotivateddev Yes, it's not bad. On the LG Optimus 7 it's probably similar to your experience, ie I wouldn't want to do it for too long without regular breaks. On an HD7 I suspect it would be much better.

    @James Hmm. I don't know, it just works perfectly for me on the LG. Prob worth checking with a much smaller PDF. Perf on the Charles Petzold book isn't bad but there is a brief delay when you move to a new page.

    @Philip 🙂

  6. Philip the Duck says:

    Seriously, though, now that iOS4 / iTunes have file storage / sharing (after a fashion), let's hope MS can open up this functionality in the form of an update to Zune and WP7 OS quite quickly.

    In a small survey of friends (geek and non-geek) and family members (also both kinds), all have instantly fallen in love with my HTC HD7, but sadly that love turned sour when they discovered that it lacked the basic ability to store "my stuff" on it, and simply grab files via USB when at a friend's house, like *ALL OTHER PHONES* on the planet (except a certain fruity one) can do…

    Everything else works so well, it's sad that something so simple is one of the main reasons for users to stick with their old WM6.5 or other smartphone. And it would be so easy to fix it's just silly to not have this ability.

  7. Definitely Not Philip the Duck says:

    And today I will mostly be dangling my knob in blancmange…

    (assuming your title is a reference to The Fast Show 😀 )

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