Windows Phone 7 Apps – Currency Converter

When Rehan Saeed contacted me to say he was building a currency converter application for Windows Phone 7 I’ll admit that initially I felt a little underwhelmed by the idea… until I saw his app that is…


Apart from looking great and having up-to-date rates for every currency under the sun*, it has three other features I really like:

  • Instant selection of interbank rate vs credit card vs cash rates
  • A ready reckoner (how much is £1 / £5 / £10 in $ ?)
  • A banknote view so you can see what the currency looks like


I’m looking forward to seeing it in the Marketplace in the very near future.

* I didn’t see the drogna listed but I’m not sure it counts.

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  1. Currency Converter Pro Released says:

    Currency Converter Pro is now available from the Zune market place.

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