What are you doing? (Poll Result)

For the last MSDN Flash we asked about what sort of dev work you’re currently doing. An excellent response this time around and things are quite closely matched between developing brand new apps and developing a new version fo an existing app. Overall though, there’s quite a wide spread. For the next Flash, I think…


Tech Cartoons (Poll Result)

Yes, time for a bit of a results catch -p again. We asked what your favourite tech cartoon was. A number of you suggested some others, not included in the poll such as Not Invented Here (thanks Jason) and Basic Instructions (thanks Matt) but I didn’t feel I could start messing with the options half-way…


A Few More Windows Phone 7 Apps

I’ve captured a few more apps on video running on the LG developer prototype device. Some are released, some are purely for demo but all of them have my own funky music! More details for each can be found in the YouTube descriptions. Thanks to Gergely Orosz and Peter Bull.


Targeting multiple platforms with the cloud

This week’s MSDN Flash article is from fellow DPE colleague Martin Beeby who talks about the challenges of building mobile applications optimised for particular platform capabilities, a subject close to me heart. Anyway, I’ll let Martin explain (you can find him on Twitter at @thebeebs)… Targeting multiple platforms with the cloud The current state of…


Windows Phone 7 Apps – Retrospaced

When I first blogged about Jonathan Jong’s game Retrospaced I’m sure he’d agree that it still needed *a lot* of work. It was such early days in fact, I don’t think he’d even decided on a name. We did a bit of testing and went around the loop a couple of times with Jonathan optimising…


Windows Phone 7 Apps – Currency Converter

When Rehan Saeed contacted me to say he was building a currency converter application for Windows Phone 7 I’ll admit that initially I felt a little underwhelmed by the idea… until I saw his app that is…   Apart from looking great and having up-to-date rates for every currency under the sun*, it has three…


Hurrah – PDC UK Event Announced in Readingmond

Ever wanted to share in the joy of attending PDC but just couldn’t bear to be away from Twitter for the duration of the flight? Ever been curious what developer evangelists such as MikeT and myself get up to of an evening? Ever wanted the chance of a front-row seat for the Gu in 16:9…


Silverlight for Windows Phone 7: ListBox Scroll Performance

The Silverlight for Windows Phone Performance Team have posted some tips on optimising the Listbox scroll performance on WP7. At the DDD Manchester WP7 event today we ran a “xapathon” where people could deploy apps they’d built to one of our developer devices. Most performed splendidly, much to the surprise of the developers, but one…


How to Fail Marketplace Ingestion

Doing my public service bit we have some early feedback from the first apps being submitted to Marketplace. The team has compiled some common failure scenarios and put together a list of 10 common issues and how to avoid them. Starting with “Read the docs”, it will save you a lot of time in the…