Windows Phone 7 Deployment Labs / Clinics

My colleague Paul Foster and I will be running some Windows Phone 7 deployment labs – as promised – to enable folks building WP7 applications to deploy and test their applications on devices. We have a series of London dates at the moment – we do plan to add other locations as well.

Dates are as follows (or check the calendars below):

August: 26th, 31st

September: 1st, 6th, 13th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, 24th, 28th, 29th

October: 6th, 7th 

AugustSeptember October

All these labs will be held at Microsoft’s London offices near Victoria. You’ll be able to deploy your app to a developer device, test it, do some debugging, iterate, usual kind of stuff. You can book either a morning or an afternoon session. You’ll need to bring your own laptop with you.

All devices will be running a build compatible with the latest public release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools (currently the beta release). In other words, your app should simply deploy and run without changes. There will be at least one MS person there (probably Paul or myself) to help.

If you want to attend a lab, drop me a mail at mike.ormond AT (or get in touch via this blog or Twitter - @MikeOrmond – I’m not fussy). Tell me a little about who you are and the app you’re building and let me know which is your preferred date and whether you’d like a morning or afternoon session. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Looking forward to seeing some cracking apps over the next few weeks.

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  1. stevieboy84 says:

    I'll definately be in touch once my app is a little more developed! One question.  For those of us who's apps use GPS, will there be any opportunity to walk around outside with the device?  I appreciate you have to keep security of the devices paramount…

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    I'm sure we can sort something out. Mike

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