Vuvuzela for Windows Phone 7

Given we’re at the quarter finals stages, and with a hat tip to Virtual Vuvuzela, I thought it’d be a shame to miss out on the limited vuvuzella time remaining at the World Cup. So I fired up Visual Studio and Expression Blend (and Blender – I have a true 3D Vuvuzela – don’t do anything by halves me, oh no) and hand-crafted a beautiful (ahem) vuvuzela application for Windows Phone 7.

Whether you’re supporting Spain, Holland, Germany or Uruguay, the WP7 Vuvuzela app’s for you. Pick your team and off you go. Enjoy the traditional, relaxing sound of the vuvuzela as you immerse yourself in the game. I realise it loses something in spontaneity give you don’t have a WP7 device (neither do I) and so have to run it on the emulator on your laptop. But hey, it’s a great emulator and you wouldn’t want to be seen with the iPhone version – terribly passe.


I’ll post the code separately should you want it (why wouldn’t you?). It’s been a while since I did anything with Silverlight and I’m amazed how much I’ve forgotten. Still, this was a good first exercise to get me going again. I came a bit unstuck with databinding to my carousel and also with trying to do a fancy(ish) animation so I had to rein in my ambitions a little. I’ll reflect on these later – perhaps people could offer me some suggestions on how to achieve what I wanted.

Future enhancements would include gestures and some sort of red / yellow card facility to round off the functionality. Perhaps a vuvuzela noise-cancelling function?


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  1. So where did you "post the code separately" ??? (^_^)

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Now posted. Mike

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