I’m inspired to fill out online polls… (Poll Result)

In MSDN Flash Poll #1 I asked what “inspired” you to fill our online polls. Clearly, based on a number of comments, “inspired” was a poor choice of word. I shall be more careful in future. Still, with a good number of people taking the time to respond, this is how things stand as of today.


So what have we learned? A large proportion of people (and I sometimes put myself in this category, particularly with retailers under the illusion I “owe” them something) simply respond in order to mess with the results. Thank you for being honest.

A small number of people responded “never” which is something of a contradiction I think. A few of you have been threatened to fill out an online poll. Weird. Most of you will fill them out occasionally or often, I assume based on the “pain threshold”.

We also had a number of comments on the poll – thank you to all those people that left them:

  • “I'm not sure "inspired" is the right word (-: But I do like to fill them out and to see the results (though the choices are sometimes a poor match to my reality)”
  • “I always lie”
  • “Love the UK Flash, even though I'm a Yankie.. find them far more engaging then the fluff I get otherwise from this side of the pond :)” (not strictly on-topic but nice to hear :))
  • “It depends on the pain barrier of filling them in. Too many hoops and I'll skip it all together”
  • “I'm never "inspired" to take a poll!”
  • “Sometimes the incentive can be as trivial as an interesting question or humourous set of answers”
  • “I only do this one cause i know it's quick.”

Thank you for all your responses. I’m interested in hearing whether you think the poll is a good idea. Should it be “on topic”. Should we be more flexible? Perhaps some topical / trivial questions such as the World Cup question in this issue? Are there any questions you’d like to see asked? Please leave a comment here or drop me a mail.

Comments (2)

  1. Sam Judson says:

    Now, did they really pick "Incorrectly" because that is how they do answer polls, or did they just pick that option to mess with your results?

    In theory no-one should ever pick that answer if you think about it 🙂

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    That's a bit like the "fork in the road, one person always lies, one always tells the truth" puzzle 🙂 Mike

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