The start of a Windows Phone 7 Journey

My blog’s been quiet for a while as I’ve been spending most of my efforts over on but times they are a changing (as they usually do in Microsoft at this time of year). After a quick round of musical chairs with Marc acting as master of music, Paul has gone somewhere, Eric’s coming over here and as a result I’ve gone over there. Meanwhile Mike and Sara just watched on as if we were all a bit mad.

Windows Phone Start Screen“Over there” happens to be Windows Phone 7. And I’m quite excited about it.

I have grand plans (in my head at least) for getting Windows Phone on people’s radars and ensuring that knowledge and resources are to hand to help people build great applications on the new platform. I’m sure I’ll still talk web (I mean, mobile is web is mobile after all) and cloud and other things that interest me, but mainly this is going to be a Windows Phone journey. Next stop: Learn, learn, learn…

Meantime, if Windows Phone has somehow passed you by ‘til now, check out or the hands-on demo on Channel 9.

Useful developer resources, including links to the tools, developer guides, code samples and labs are all at the Windows Phone Developer Portal. And of course there was a plethora of sessions at MIX10 devoted to Windows Phone.

I’ll be treating this as a voyage of discovery and blogging / tweeting what I find as I go. I’m familiar with Silverlight, have no clue about XNA and have yet to play in earnest with the emulator never mind lay my hands on a device (though plans are afoot on that one). Bring it on though is what I say.

Hopefully there’ll be lots here for everyone. One things for sure, things’ll be a lot busier around here for the foreseeable future!

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