Search Engine Optimization in ASP.NET

A few days ago I posted about my adventures with the SEO Toolkit and some of its features for ensuring your site is as SEO friendly as possible. Today I noticed that K.Scott Allen has an article in the September issue of MSDN Magazine entitled "Search Engine Optimization with ASP.NET 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 and IIS7” (quite a mouthful but very SEO friendly). This covers a much broader set of SEO topics than just the toolkit itself and is definitely worth a read, especially if you’re new to SEO in ASP.NET.

And on another SEO-related note, Scott also has a post about enforcing lower-case URLs in ASP.NET MVC.

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  1. Rick Gomez says:

    Just like all the other types of advertising, search engine optimization is a means of getting your website to be notable among the crowd of similar websites. Although not known for sure, it has been estimated that there are more than twenty five billion web pages on the World Wide Web.  This clearly shows that you have a lot of competition when trying to get people to notice your website.

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