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I’m one of those people who got on okay with Vista on the whole. I enjoyed its new look and feel, it seldom let me down (can’t remember the last time it did) and performance is excellent on the machines I run it on.

That said, Windows 7 is just superb. Everything just works beautifully, I like the gestures, I like the new, simplified dialogues (especially the connect / disconnect display one), I like the way it manages devices etc etc etc

I noticed we’ve recently just published some new Windows 7 content for developers so thought I should call it out:

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  1. richard_deeming says:

    I upgraded my home PC from Vista to 7 – I know, it’s a bad idea, but I didn’t want to spend days reinstalling everything. Aside from a couple of driver issues (nVidia nForce network cards and my Logitech keyboard and mouse), and the 11+ hour upgrade time, everything seems to be working fine.

    On the whole, 7 feels nicer than Vista, but I have run into two small issues with Windows Explorer which are quite annoying:

    1. Column headers are now only available in details view. Sorting thumbnails in descending date order now takes six clicks instead of two.

    2. When I move or copy an image from one local folder to another, and the destination file already exists, the dialog box shows a thumbnail of the file I’m copying, but not of the file I’m replacing.

    Other than that, no problems yet. I’m holding off on my work PC until I find more information about the "minor issues" with Visual Studio 2008, as reported by Windows 7 setup.

  2. Richard says:

    Correction – it shows the thumbnail if it’s already been created, but it doesn’t create the thumbnail. I presume this is to prevent the thumbnail creation process from locking a file when it’s about to be overwritten?

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