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Expression Design 2 Icon Following on from my post about the Expression family, I said I’d follow up with some more details on Expression Design. Someone commented on my other post that Expression Design is “too basic” and I suppose for many people that will be a fair criticism. For someone like me, who’s not a graphic designer, I find it strikes a good balance between functionality and complexity (and I use some other tools to achieve things Design is not so suited to such as manipulating bitmap images – Paint.NET is great for this). It also comes in a range of attractive colours. Anyway, I’ve done a bit of a trawl to find learning resources for Expression Design.

Finding out about what it does and the basics of the UI
  • Follow the “Video Feature Tour” link at the Expression Design Homepage (Silverlight required)
  • There’s a more detailed demo video on the same page (“In-Depth Demo”) which covers a tour of the UI, XAML Exporting and Slicing


Getting Started Tutorials etc
More In-Depth Webcast
Download the Trial
Community Help and Assistance


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    I’d still say it. Design looks like the ugly stepchild of the lot. Not many ppl seem to be happy about an incomplete suite. See

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