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I love the idea of using iconic British images for the Bing homepage. I thought the current one was particularly evocative.


That said, I currently have this beautiful image as my Win7 desktop background (in focus and without the text :-)). It was the winner of last month’s Microsoft UK photography competition and it’s absolutely stunning IMHO. It was taken by David Weeks.


In fact things Bing have moved on and today we have this image on the homepage for the UK.


Which brings me to my one ask for Bing (UK). I have no idea where this place is but I’d love to know. How about some information on the image itself? Where it was taken, when, by whom etc etc. That would be really interesting.

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  1. Bill_McC says:

    Hi Mike,

    That first pic I would think is Australian, an Echidna.

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Hi Bill. I think you’re right now I’ve done my hedgehog research :-). I’d assumed it was one of the many species of hedgehog but it looks like only one of those species is native to the UK and its snout isn’t as pointed as the animal in the image. I stand corrected. Mike

  3. Pete P says:

    The last image is of the Sanqingshan Mountains in east China’s Jiangxi Province. The air there is so sweet and clear you lamost feel you can get drunk on it.

  4. Adam says:

    Oddly enough, and not to purposely contradict you, I’ve not yet seen a UK image on Bing 🙂

  5. Samad Khan says:

    Hi Mike,

    If you hover over the copyright water mark in the bottom right hand corner of the image, the location is displayed as a tooltip.



  6. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Adam. Not contradicting at all – my post was a bit misleading. I’d love to see it but I’d assumed these weren’t exclusively UK images. That said I’m sure I say the London Eye and I had mistakenly thought (as I mentioned earlier) that the first image in my post was a less common species of hedgehog. I was way off on that one :-). Mike

  7. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Thanks Samad. That does work for the current image but wasn’t working when I posted. Probably just a glitch. I see the US backgrounds have extra info embedded which is nice. Mike

  8. Adam says:

    Hi Mike,

    Yea I see what you mean.  It would be nice – sort of like a Bing version of Doodle for Google, only without a conveniently relevant word that rhymes with Bing…

    The current Bing background is Victoria Falls – the only waterfalls I can think of in the UK are Roggie Falls in Scotland (fantastic for salmon jumping) and Canonteign Falls near Plymouth (which is less a waterfall and more a man-made pipe sticking out the side of a cliff).  Not sure if they compare really with the overseas offerings 🙂

  9. Rory Donnelly says:


    If you right-click the image and click Save Background, the image name starts off with the location name.


  10. The copyright only shows the copyright info which may , or may not, include the name.

    If you right click and select "show background" it will open just the background image. In the address bar it will show the name of the thing or place, followed by "_ROW982895728957" for example.

    If you dont get "show background" then refresh the page and right click before it loads. Sometimes it seems to turn into a flash page. Thsi has been tested and workign with FF2/3 and IE 7.

    The "hedgehog" is in fact a Double JapsEyed Cocknosed WormMuncher. Aka a Echidna.. a type of Spiny Anteater.

    The mountains are in actual fact the Wuyi Mountains in china. More info wikiquote: "..are a mountain range located at the prefecture Nanping, at the northern border of Fujian (Hok-kian) province with Jiangxi province," So close..but no cigar. It in fact reminded me of many scenes in the Kungfu Panda movie lol.

  11. Matt Refghi says:

    Babylon Masheads and Rory Donnelly are right on – the filename typically reveals the information you need to find out more.

    I actually just wrote a blog post outlining how to do this. I provide steps for the four major browsers too:

    By the way, check out the United States version of Bing. While it doesn’t have the same image, it is much more informative – you can hover over the background image for more info. Why can’t others have those features as well?

  12. Zoey says:


    culd you please tell me if i can get the bing backgrounds for my desktop????

    if i can could you also please tell me how!!!!

    Thanks a lot,


  13. Zoey says:


    culd you please tell me if i can get the bing backgrounds for my desktop????

    if i can could you also please tell me how!!!!

    Thanks a lot,


  14. soub says:

    You can get the images from :


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