Trouble connecting to the Visual Studio webserver this week?

Quite a few people started reporting having issues connecting to Cassini earlier in the week. I’ve seen blog posts, tweets and internal mail threads as people who had a working environment one day found the could no longer connect the next.

The solution is to re-add: localhost

to your hosts file (%windir%\System32\drivers\etc). So your hosts file should at least contain the entries: localhost
::1 localhost

It appears the problem may have been related to an update to the signature file for Windows Defender. The signature file was fixed the same day (the fix is in signature versions and above). Make sure you update to the latest signature file asap.

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  1. Imran Aziz says:

    Had the same issue two days ago, and end up spending two to three hours to get it sorted , blogged about it here

  2. thnks guys says:

    Thanks guys I spent 2 hours trying to diagnose this issue.  I looked at port blocking, anti virus, i just installed IE 8 and thought that might be the casue.  How did you even think to look in the hosts file to resolve this issue?  Anyway good job, you saved me from uninstalling and reinstalling VS 2008. thanks.

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