Er, Moo moo moo 2 (DDD Scotland Registration Open)

Boxed myself into a bit of a corner with that last one and DDD Scotland doesn't have an animal logo 🙁

Developer Day Scotland

I'll be there talking about ASP.NET 4.0. Looking forward to it!

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  1. You would probably want to use the call of the lesser spotted three-legged haggis. However, since they are timorous wee beasties they don’t tend to call out too much in case it attracts predators. Many folks have conjectured that it the male makes a warbling sound that decreases in pitch, while the female counters with a increasing warble. In fact, for each haggi the warble is static in overall pitch and it is in fact a doppler effect caused by them scooting around the mountain sides trying to find a mate. Their arrangement if varying sized legs making them very efficient runners for such steep terrain.

  2. Mr Burns says:

    and what about Nessie or Highland cuws then ?

    no decent animals indeed!

    – no wonder England get invaded by G.Brown, A.Darling and M.Ormond

    send them all back I say

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