Today’s Event – Catching Up on Rich Clients

Thanks to everyone who turned up for a very busy event today at Cardinal Place. The slides are now available on SlideShare and the originals will be on the MSDN Events Website in a few days.

We both plan to publish demos etc but that’ll take a little more time to package them up for download.

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  1. Ola says:


    I attended this event in London and I was really impressed with what could be achieved with a few lines of XAML in WPF.

    I am interested in exploring some of the demos, where can I get them?


  2. Thanks to all who attended our event in Birmingham this afternoon. Follow up resources are linked to

  3. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Hi Ola. I’ll be posting my demos here when I get a moment (within the next few days). I think Mike’s already posted some of his on his site. Mike

  4. Rich Client Sample Sites   (Desktop Twitter Client

  5. If you came along to our Rich Client event at The Lowry on Salford Quays; today then thanks a lot and

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