Reading – For When Slough Just Isn’t Enough

Milton Keynes – City of Dreams T-ShirtFor Christmas my wife got me one of these (right) T-Shirts (by pure accident I recently became an MK Dons supporter – go the Dons). For reference it says “Milton Keynes – City of Dreams” (if you’re not from the UK there is a hint of irony in that statement). I love it but it is a little snug so it only comes out on match days (which at the moment seems to be most days).

My reasons for becoming an MK Dons supporter are simply not worth recounting. However, my wife also alerted me to another classic T-Shirt from the same company (below).

Milton Keynes – City of Dreams T-Shirt

For reference, this one says “Reading - For when Slough’s just not enough”. I wish I’d come up with this idea.

These and others are available from Balcony Shirts – visit them to see if your home town’s been insulted.

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  1. rogerj says:

    I’m from the US, but I’ve been to Milton Keynes (for better or worse).

    "Milton Keynes — City of Dreams" has got to be one of the top 10 oxymorons.

    Fortunately, "in the long run, we are all dead."


  2. Mark Rendle says:

    My town’s not there, but I really want the "When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Ninja" t-shirt. Good link.

  3. Temmy says:

    My personal fave…

    "Hitchin is Bitchin’"

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