[Video] Spark View Engine Part 2

Here’s part 2 of the short video series covering the Spark view engine posts. Part 1 is here. Part 3 will have to wait ‘til the new year I’m afraid as I’m *officially* on holiday doing voluntary work for the big man (Santa that is). Here are the resources links from the videos: http://bit.ly/mospark –…


[Video] Spark View Engine Part 1

I decided to make a short video series covering the Spark view engine posts I did here, here and here. This first part is about installing and configuring Spark in an ASP.NET MVC project (NerdDinner in my case). Here are the resources links from the video http://bit.ly/mospark – my blog posts about Spark http://bit.ly/aspmvc –…


My Most Popular Posts of 2009

Inspired by Eric doing this first, I thought I’d dig out my most popular posts of 2009. Most popular by average time on page An Introduction to the IE8 Developer Tools (Posted in April) Dominick Baier on Identity, Geneva and OpenID (Posted in April) ASP.NET MVC and iWantGreatCare.org (Posted in May) Getting Up and Running…


The Perils of Blocking Online Ads

In a fit of frustration the other day, having waited an eternity for some online ad on some now-forgotten site to load, I decided to revisit ad-blocking, something I haven’t done in a long time. Previously I’d used the technique of blocking ads via the HOSTS file using the technique (and HOSTS file) from http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm….


Adding a bit of Spark to Nerd Dinner

Right, here we go. Having talked about how to get Spark set up and a little about Spark usage, it’s time to put some rubber on the road and pedal to the metal etc First we need to sort out that master page, converting it to a Spark master layout. Here’s the site.master: <%@ Master…


A Bit About Spark

In my last post I installed and configured Spark as an alternative view engine for ASP.NET MVC. Before we do anything else with it though, we need to understand a little of the syntax. The Spark View Page First of all, a Spark page looks much like an HTML page. It supports HTML tags as…


Extending ASP.NET MVC – Replacing the View Engine

One of the less discussed aspects of ASP.NET MVC is its extensibility. Pretty much any component can be replaced if it doesn’t suit your needs. Don’t like our ControllerFactory (maybe you want to use Dependency Injection)? That’s okay, use another one. Don’t like the Web Forms view engine? That’s okay, use another one. In a…


Search Engine Optimisation

Here I go again on the importance of SEO and the benefits of the SEO Toolkit :). I put together a short slide deck summarising things. The important things to know are [a] it’s good at what it does [b] it’s free it works with IIS7.x so if you have Windows Vista / 7 /…


Web Platform Slideshow

This is a deck from a session I delivered recently trying to round-up some of the highlights of the next wave of .NET from a web dev perspective. There’s not much of a narrative to it but it hits most of the ‘futures’ highlights (with a brief detour into current MVC). Feel free to use…


MIX10 Registration Open

Yes, it’s that time of year again when March (and MIX) seem to be both in the distant future and almost upon us at the same time. The conference is billed as: “A 3 day conference for web designers and developers building the world’s most innovative web sites.” But it’s even broader than that. If…