Website Problems

Apologies if you've been trying to download files or access demos hosted on my website on the domain. My hoster sent me an email @9.15pm the day before I set off (very early) for my Caribbean holiday:

"As part of a continuing effort to provide the highest quality service for our valued customers, your hosting account has been migrated to a new server that will provide you with increased performance and reliability."

Needless to say I arrived home to find a very broken website as the IP address had changed and broken the DNS. After numerous attempts to sort this out I now have the basic DNS issue sorted but some of my applications (eg Community Server) are still not working (and I use CS as my repository for demo code). I notice my site will no longer serve XAP files so I'll have to get that fixed too.

This is clearly my penance for sunning myself on a beach for a couple of weeks... Aaarrrghhhh.

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