[Demo Code] ASP.NET Dynamic Data Demo

I've just posted the ASP.NET Dynamic Data website I usually build when I do a Dynamic Data demo. You can download the source for it here. The demo site illustrates a few features of ASP.NET Dynamic Data:

  • Scaffolding of my Houses database using Linq to Sql as the model

    • ScaffoldAllTables is set to true but I prevent scaffolding of the HomeTypes table with the [ScaffoldTable] attribute

  • Customisation of the model including validation, UI, business rule etc

    • See ModelCustomisations.cs

  • Customisation of Pages

    • [Global] All Edit pages have been customised (not much - just to show the principle)

    • [Individual] The List view of the Homes table has been customised

  • Customisation of Fields

    • [Global] All boolean fields have been customised with custom icons

    • [Individual] The ImageUrl, Lat and Lon fields have all been customised

Please read the notes on the download page as they explain the requirements (Ajax Control Toolkit and a suitable DB - a script is included if you want to recreate my DB).

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