Offline Silverlight Applications

LiveFxPoster I think Scott Guthrie first mentioned the ability to take Silverlight applications offline in his keynote on Tuesday. It raised a few eyebrows but few details were forthcoming on how exactly this was accomplished. The answer is that you can create Silverlight applications that run inside Live Mesh (specifically they run on the Live Operating Environment) and can run both on and offline. Mesh applications are themselves mesh objects and are sync'd across your mesh of devices so can be accessed from any of your Mesh devices or the Live Desktop. They can also access other mesh datafeeds and objects so, for example, with appropriate user consent they can access the user's contacts, Live folders etc.

The diagram on the right is a Live Framework architecture overview which should provide some context. To understand more I'd suggest watching the following PDC sessions:

  • BB30 Live Services: Building Mesh-Enabled Web Applications Using the Live Framework
  • BB31 Live Services: FeedSync and Mesh Synchronization Services

Neither of the session recordings are available at the time of writing but you'll be able to find them at shortly.

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  1. In this issue: John Stockton, Pierlag, Mel Lota, Ning Zhang, Carole Snyder, Martin Grayson, Jesse Liberty

  2. Alan Cobb says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for flagging these two sessions for those of us interested in Silverlight.  Oddly, in the PDC2008 sessions list, these sessions are NOT part of the 11 sessions tagged as Silverlight-related.  It also seemed a bit odd that they didn’t make more of this whole Silverlight-offline story in the keynote (maybe during MIX09 when it’s more shaken down?).

    It seems like this feature of running offline, slinging apps around between a user’s multiple devices, and syncing their data is a potentially a really, really big deal.

    Alan Cobb (Silverlight blog)

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