VBUG Annual Conference 4-5th November @ Microsoft, Reading

Both MikeT and I are speaking at the VBUG Conference this year. I'm doing an Intro to Silverlight 2 session (need to update my materials to RTW!) and Mike's doing a session entitled "Beyond Silverlight with Windows Presentation Foundation". I see quite a few other names I recognise on the agenda including:

  • Ken Getz has sessions on Linq to XML, building Office apps in VS2008 and custom workflow activities
  • Gary Short is doing a session on refactoring which I'd like to see but he's on at the same time as me so that might prove tricky
  • Tony Whitter has a session on Silverlight mobile
  • Oliver Sturm has a session on functional programming in C#
  • Jeffrey McManus & Sebastien Lambla are both doing ASP.NET sessions as are Phil and Dave with a session on ASP.NET 4.0 (assuming they've figured out what they're allowed to say by then)
  • Ben Lamb's doing an intro to Windows Workflow
  • Roy Osherove's doing a session on Unit Testing
  • Barry has a session on WCF 101
  • Richard has a session on VSTS
  • Jeffrey McManus has another session, this time on Velocity

Looks like it'll be a good couple of days. Hopefully I'll see some of you there and catch up with a few folks.

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  1. My distributed caching talk actually covers memcached/win32 and Velocity. 🙂

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