Offline Silverlight Applications

I think Scott Guthrie first mentioned the ability to take Silverlight applications offline in his keynote on Tuesday. It raised a few eyebrows but few details were forthcoming on how exactly this was accomplished. The answer is that you can create Silverlight applications that run inside Live Mesh (specifically they run on the Live Operating…


Windows Azure Resources

If you watched the PDC 2008 Keynote on Monday you’ll have seen the announcement of Windows Azure, our operating system in the cloud which forms part of our new Azure Services Platform. There are already some useful resource on the Microsoft Download Center which you might want to check out: Windows Azure SDK Windows Azure…


PDC 2008 Session Video Downloads

If you want to watch any of the PDC 2008 sessions, you can simple peruse the session list at: select the session you want to watch and click the "Watch Session Recording" icon. On the other hand, if you want to download sessions, you might do better referring to the following feed: From…


Silverlight Tools for VS2008 SP1

Via Tim Heuer, today we released the Silverlight Tools for VS2008 Sp1 (the version released at the same time as the runtime was marked as a release candidate which I must confess I noticed at the time and simply assumed was an oversight). You can get the download from: Technorati Tags: silverlight


Silverlight Toolkit – available and well worth checking out

The Silverlight Toolkit on CodePlex looks very cool with a long list of new controls: AutoCompleteBox NumericUpDown Viewbox Expander Charting TreeView DockPanel WrapPanel Label HeaderedContentControl HeaderedItemsControl as well as new theming capabilities and a set of themes that can be used to style your Silverlight application. We’re shipping the binaries, samples, source and unit tests…


Lots of new ASP.NET bits

Up at Includes: ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview 3 ASP.NET Dynamic Data 4.0 Preview 1 ASP.NET MVC Beta Source Code Release Technorati Tags:,dynamic data,mvc,ajax


[PDC Session Notes] ASP.NET 4.0 Roadmap

Codeplex becomes an important part of the framework release cycle. Formal releases on while Codeplex hosts the interim work. Codeplex has source code for bits too. New bits pushed to today. Each area also has a roadmap for the technology. Fx 4.0 & VS10 VS10 supports multi-targeting (2.0, 3.5, 4.0) Fx 4.0 maintains…


jQuery Intellisense Annotation Files Available

Now available on Via Bertrand, the design time annotation files for enhanced jQuery Intellisense are now available. I’ve demo’d this a few times recently and the Intellisense for jQuery (as well as Intellisense for Virtual Earth) is really a killer feature. Technorati Tags: vs2008,javascript,jquery,intellisense


Loving My New Samsung Omnia

After a couple of years with an M3100 I got an upgrade to a Samsung Omnia i-900 a couple of weeks back. I’d heard mixed reports and I must admit it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. The Samsung "Widget" homescreen, which was the only customised screen I could find initially, looks quite cool but…


ASP.NET MVC and Scottish Developers (Demo)

Many thanks to everyone who turned out to the Scottish Developers User Group meeting on Thursday and made it such an enjoyable evening. With such a big turnout it was a little cramped and sometimes difficult to see the screen. other than limiting the numbers (which seems a shame) I’m not sure how we could…