ReMix UK 08 Developer Track


Things are starting to shape up nicely on the developer track so I thought I'd try and give you a flavour of what you'll see if (surely "when"?) you join us in Brighton in September for ReMix UK. There'll be a big focus on rich client with Silverlight, WPF and IE8 featuring prominently. You can also expect to hear a lot about data and getting stuff into and out of your shiny new client. On top of that there'll be plenty of ASP.NET, some Visual Studio IDE Tips and Tricks and some stuff nobody's bothered to tell me about.

From a speaker perspective we'll have author, raconteur and real-ale fan Jesse Liberty, top speaker, scratch handicap golfer and raconteur Mike Taulty, data wizard, county cricket record holder (Somerset) and raconteur Mike Flasko, browser guru, free-diving champion and supreme raconteur Travis Leithead, enormous blogger, Olympic weightlifter and raconteur Sara Ford as well as Scott Guthrie. Remember him?

Of course contents may settle in transit, all of the above is subject to change and some of it I simply made up (but I can, hand on heart, say that all those people are due to speak on the Developer Track at ReMix UK 08 and I'm pretty excited about it!)

I even managed to gather a few of them together for a group photo.


I'm so impressed with the results I'm beginning to wonder whether it was really the Designer Track they meant to put me in charge of...

I'm sorry Mike - people don't often get to see those legs.

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  1. That is really rather disturbing…

  2. These days, it’s not so much email as RSS that causes the delays when I get back from leave. Here’s a

  3. Interesting stuff from the past few days

  4. I’ve just been going through my diary to make sure everything is up to date and thought it might be worthwhile

  5. I will be attending ReMix but currently no one needs me to speak (phew – that would require a lot of

  6. mike says:

    I find this deeply offensive. I am a serious person with a reputation to maintain and yet you seem to have displayed an image of me wearing a knee length skirt and a blouse with what could only be described as a "plunging neckline".

    I notice that all of the other speakers are attached to bodies that line up with their stated gender and so, clearly, this is pure victimisation.

    Presumably you think you can get away with this kind of treatment of me because;

    a) We are in the same team and have lost our manager so I can’t find anyone to complain about you to.

    b) You are bigger than me and from Glasgow.

    Well, we’ll see.

    I have a few tricks up my sleeve like the one where I’ve conned you into believing that I’m going to do a session in Brighton on Silverlight 😉

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