It's Always Nice To Be Back In Glasgow

Thanks to Scottish Developers for inviting me to talk at their event last night. I think the Rangers game kept a few folks away but for those that are interested the source code is here and the ASP.NET AJAX Controls stuff is here.

I was discussing with some folks the amount of change I notice each time I come home to Glasgow. This time the proliferation of coffee shops struck me - seldom have I seen such density. On my way to the hotel last night I dropped into a Tinderbox (lovely place - a class above your average Starbucks, coffee a little disappointing) but that was only one of about 10 choices between bus stop and the hotel. And yes, I took the bus from the airport - the Glasgow Flyer - which was great. Clean, modern, quick, I think it even has wireless on board (but I wasn't that desperate) and all for £4.20.

It's also nice to see that some things stay the same (especially on this trip where some family issues mean the whole thing feels a little alien anyway). Blackfriars where Pete, Kenny and I whiled away too many hours while at University is still going strong. As are Babbity Bowster and the Bon Accord but what cheered my most was walking past Cafe Gandolfi. Picture2

Perhaps this is because of the many happy associations it has for me, but it is one of those places I just love to visit. That was my breakfast destination sorted then. It was only a block from my hotel.

And I wasn't disappointed; freshly squeezed orange juice, the most incredible coffee (machiato in my case, shorter than I expected but just gorgeous) and superb Stornoway black pudding with mushrooms and pancakes. If you're in town pay a visit. It's one of my favourite places.

Comments (2)

  1. Mike, you are welcome any time - Your session was excellent and the feedback was very positive.

  2. David "The Ninja" Lawton says:

    Mike, I was at the Glasgow session and I thought your input was excellent!


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