Silverlight 2 – Hard Rock Memorabilia

First thing to say - great install experience. I uninstalled Silverlight Tools for VS 2008 Alpha and Silverlight 1.1 and visited the Hard Rock Memorabila site. Below is what I was presented with - a "preview" of the application with an "Install Silverlight" link. The uninstall, re-install process took about 5 minutes on my (Vista 64 bit) laptop on a slow connection (the download of the Silverlight 2 plug-in at 4.4MB was the biggest delay)


I am then presented with a macro-view of the Hard Rock memorabilia collection which I can seamlessly zoom and pan to my heart's content (or slice and dice by artist, type, genre etc)


Here's a Keith Richards guitar pick for example


A really nice way to bring this collection to life (and rock memorabilia is something I'm not particularly interested in but it still grabbed me). Deep Zoom seems to me to be a very compelling capability in Silverlight. So far we're only just scratching the surface...

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  1. Will says:

    Hi Mike, I can’t see you images. I get an HTTP 500 error.

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Hi Will. It may just be a temporary blip – it’s working fine for me now. Mike

  3. Will says:

    Works great now. Thanks!

  4. Ashwin says:

    I must admit, a very well done website. Just been playing with SL2 beta1 myself but been unable to figure how they managed to get an overlay bar on the side when the viewer has zoomed into up to a certain zoom level. Am I missing something obvious or is this something that was put together with some sort of hackery?

    It would be nice if they could have provided the source code for that project as well (albeit having scrubbed out all the sensitive stuff)

    Thanks for any help.



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