Mix08 Keynote – ScottGu

Scott talked a bit about some of the new things we’ll see at Mix08

  • MVC
  • Dynamic Data framework
  • ASP.NET AJAX Enhancements
  • Internet Explorer 8

Demo of IE8 (Dean Hachamovitch) – thinking back to IE7 there was a big focus on security but there’s more that could be done for developers and interoperability. Too much time spent getting basic things to work.

  • CSS 2.1 support – compliance with CSS spec to ensure consistency across different browsers
  • CSS Certification – comprehensive test suite required, contributed over 700 test cases to W3C
    • Support for "legacy" IE content – IE7 compatibility mode – under control of developer
  • Performance – big enhancements around script performance
  • HTML 5 Support
    • AJAX support – eg back button support
    • Connection events supported – lose connection and you’re warned and in the demo the submit button becomes a save button instead – very cool
  • Developer Support – new debugging capabilities
    • Very cool debugger demo – showing drilling down into page content, script, CSS applying dynamic changes etc
  • Activities – bit like Office Smart Tags. Author activities to allow you to search, map, see a review etc of content on the page
    • Described in an XML document
    • eBay had their activity working within an hour exposing their API
    • OpenService specification
  • Webslices
    • Make available portions of web page as a webslice – get added to your favourites
    • Define by attributing up existing markup
    • Webslices specification
  • IE8 Beta 1 Available from today
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