In the Keynote @ Mix08

In the overflow room at least like the good Microsoft employee that I am. Ray Ozzie has kicked things off talking about Software + Services and 2 key themes:

  • Advertising - the economic engine of the web
  • The web transforming of existing Microsoft offerings

3 pillars driving the transformation of offerings - thinking of the web as a hub for interaction, for content for sharing; enabling business choice through utility computing and virtualisation across the enterprise and into the cloud; for developers embracing a world of small pieces loosely joined - transparency, standard and interoperability are key.

Technology Specifics

  • Connected Devices
    • Awareness of your mesh of devices connected via the web
  • Connected Entertainment
    • Licence media only once and made available on any of your devices & integration with gaming
  • Connected Productivity
    • Office, Office Mobile, Office Live
    • Office Live Workspace beta launched yesterday
  • Enterprise
    • Microsoft Online Services
    • Watch out for Sql Server Data Services
  • Connected Development

And hands over to Scott...

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Comments (2)

  1. With America going into recession, seems like the wrong time to be relying on advertising for a business model. Advertising is one of the first things to suffer when economies take a down-turn, as anyone in the publishing business will tell you.

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Hi Matt. I don’t know where the data comes from to back the predictions but we’re betting long-term that advertising on the web is going to be huge. I think SteveB in the keynote just used the phrase "super big". Recessions bite everywhere but we want to ensure we’re a significant player in the advertising and search game for the long-term. Assuming the predictions are correct 🙂 seems like a sensible strategy to me. Mike

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