Silverlight 2 First Look – Information and Tutorials

Even better than the article I linked to earlier, ScottGu has revealed more details about Silverlight 2 along with a set of tutorials. Quite a lot to work through but a real teaser for what's coming at Mix08.

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  1. Tim Acheson says:

    Hello Mike, I wondered whether perhaps you might be in a position to answer the hotly-debated question of server-side playlist support in Silverlight 2. Will SL2 support server-side playlists?

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Hi Tim. I believe it’s "in the mix" as it were. Whether it makes it into the Beta (or indeed the final release build) I can’t say at this stage. Can’t say because I don’t know rather than can’t say because I’m not allowed to. Scott may be in a position to give you a definitive answer. Best regards, Mike

  3. Tim Acheson says:

    Thanks Mike, I shall continue my quest for that elusive Holy Grail…

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