Going to Mix?

image I'm lucky enough to have a ticket as Mix08 is now sold out. If you've been at one of the Silverlight sessions I've done over the last few days you'll have heard me plug the visitmix site as we published session recordings from Mix06 and Mix07 after the event.

That's a big deal and pretty unusual for a conference of this nature. It means that if you can't make the conference you can watch the sessions at your leisure. And even if you can make it, let's face it you can't be in 3 places at once (why is it there seems to be a dearth of interesting sessions to go to in one slot then three great ones in the next - depends on your perspective I suppose) and you can't rewind to catch that critical point you missed because the bloke next to you sneezed or dropped his pencil.

I'm looking forward to a trip to the Grand Canyon this time before the event and lots of great announcements, insight and shiny new bits to play with at the conference itself.

I'll be doing my best to "blog live" from the sessions I'm in but battery life and wireless network coverage (and my typing skills) will dictate how successful that is!

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