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LiveSearchMapsif any of you happen to use my Windows Live Search Maps Gadget then I recommend you update it to v1.14.0.0 (the current version posted a couple of days ago). This version takes up less space on your Sidebar but more importantly fixes a couple of issues with parsing more complex routes (there was a limit of 50 characters on the input text which, based on feedback, was too short and there was a regular expression issue with parsing the destination which was entirely my own doing :-).

If you've not used it before but plan on installing it as a result of this post, please note the following:

  1. It's not trying to compete with the "Live Search Maps" gadget from Microsoft
  2. The Microsoft gadget is a US only gadget
  3. It doesn't have live traffic info like that gadget
  4. It's not trying to do the same things
  5. Please don't install it thinking it's some new version of that gadget and then leave feedback telling me how much it "sucks" compared to the Microsoft one
  6. If you don't live in a major US city, the Microsoft one *sucks* big time
  7. Also note that you may need to localise my gadget or switch off localisation (read the help - it's pretty straightforward but you need to be aware you can do it)
  8. By default it localises itself based on your browser settings
  9. If you like it, please leave feedback
  10. If you don't like it, by all means leave feedback but also please tell me what the problem is and then I have a fighting chance of fixing it!

Thank you for listening and enjoy using my new Live Search Maps gadget. Here are some of my favourite searches:

  • "to BD4 0RP" (our venue in Leeds / Bradford)
  • "to BS40 7YE" (our venue in Bristol, well, sort of near Bristol)
  • "to B4 7ET" (our venue in Birmingham but after the parking problems last time... maybe that needs to change)
  • "from rg6 to dover" (from Microsoft to the ferry terminal for a quick jaunt to the continent)
  • "from B4 7ET" (get me home from Birmingham)
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Comments (3)
  1. Don Bailes says:


    Thank you for the tool. Unfortunately, it is very unreliable.  In searching for Certificate Court in Charleston, SC, it gave me some location in Las Vegas, NV.  I hope this comment assists you in improving the tool.  By the way, Certificate Court is a real place in Charleston.  My son lives there.

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Thanks Don. That’s very interesting because it works for me ie I get a location in South Carolina. Can you tell me what settings you’re using? ie are you using the Localisation String and if so, what is the string set to? Thanks, Mike

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