PowerShell and Social Bookmarking

I was messing about with PowerShell the other day (when I ran into my batch rename problems) having been inspired by James's post on "Powershell to add social bookmarking tags". What he was doing (using some code originally created by Lee Holmes) was, I thought, quite clever.

In order to add a bookmark you need to know the post URL. But you need to publish to get a URL. Therefore the whole thing becomes a bit labour intensive if done manually. James has automated this procedure with a PowerShell script.

Of course rather than just taking James's script and using it, I had to mess around a bit with the links, the html and the CSS. The actual PowerShell script I hardly touched.

I'm going to test it out here. In theory, all I need to do is type "addbookmark" at the start prompt (after publishing this) and Start++ initiates the PowerShell script for me. The script grabs the last post and appends the social bookmarking tags before re-publishing.

All the credit for this goes to Lee and James. I'm not even sure I'll use it much given the mixed reaction such tags provoke but it was fun playing around with it.

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  1. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Commenting on my own post – I guess that’s rather poor form but anyway… I notice that renders poorly in most RSS Readers. I tend to do most of my reading in IE (ie I click through from the Reader to the online post) but that’s probably not true for most folks. So my tableless rendering with CSS just doesn’t fly very well. Which is a pity…

    Back to the drawing board then…

  2. I spent a bit of time this afternoon dusting off the PowerShell script I created (that’s not accurate,

  3. Here’s the PowerShell script I came up with that I referred to in my previous post that integrates with

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