A Host of Slidedecks

I really like this Slideshare widget showing all our available decks (I first saw it on Marc’s blog): | Get your Presentation Pack And I see that MikeT has added a bunch of slidedecks and Andrew has also started to add his. Soon you’ll be spoilt for choice! Technorati Tags: msdn,technet,powerpoint,slides


Slideshare Add-in for PowerPoint 2007

If only I’d had this a week or so ago! Nice add-in that supports (amongst other things) uploading, has a nice tagging UI and even includes reporting capabilities. Meet the SlideShare ribbon for PowerPoint View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: powerpoint microsoft) Technorati Tags: slideshare,powerpoint


MIX09 Special Offer – 40% Discount

That’s right, there’s a 40% discount available for the first 200 registrations using RSVP code MIXspecial1. Simply visit the registration page, click on "Register for the event using an RSVP Code" and, well you can figure out the rest… Even in the current economic climate, $795 looks like a great deal.   What: MIX09 When:…


Silverlight No Selection ListBox and ViewBox

I wanted to display the list of search terms at the top of my Twitfeed Silverlight app (see below) and highlight the current search term. The obvious way to do this is to databind a ListBox to the search terms collection. I ran into a few things I needed to resolve: ListBox supports selection -…


A Zune phone would be very cool

Rumours of a Zune phone announcement (and denials) abound. You can even see pictures of it on the internet. Fortunately I have learned, thanks to Jon Holmes and "The Now Show", that sometimes things on the internet aren’t true (quote: "1 in 4 potatoes is a rabbit’s egg"). Here’s my own personal Zune phone wot…


MSDN Rich Client event in Manchester now confirmed

Thursday, February 26, 2009 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM MSDN: Catch Up with Microsoft Rich Client Technologies for 2008This event is free to attend but you must register at http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032397778&Culture=en-GB Overview: In this half-day session we’ll do a refresh of the … The Lowry Pier 8 Salford Quays Manchester,   United Kingdom Download iCalendar file Technorati…


Slideshare slidedecks need a different approach

  I’ve now uploaded the last 12 months or so of slidedecks from our MSDN events to Slideshare. You can still get the originals from the MSDN Events Site but Slideshare adds discoverability and also allows direct embedding (as below). MSDN Roadshow Session 2 – ASP.NEXT – The ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions View SlideShare presentation or…


Oxite – An Open Source ASP.NET MVC CMS

Eric alerted my to this via Twitter and then Marc got in a subtle dig that he’d already blogged about it. I am so behind the times… What surprised me was that VisitMix.com is running on it. Find out more at the Oxite site on Codeplex. Technorati Tags: asp.net,mvc,oxite,codeplex


Slideshare API Upload

I’ve been experimenting a little with Slideshare as a mechanism to make our slidedecks more broadly available. I spent a fun morning last week emailing 15 slide decks to the Slideshare site. When they didn’t appear by the next day I was a little surprised. When they hadn’t appeared a week later I thought I’d…