Silverlight Physics Engine

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always been fascinated by physics (well, mechanics specifically) and particularly their implementation in games (like Halo 3 for example). So when I heard about a physics engine for Silverlight I had to take a look. Honestly, this is cool….

Maybe start with the demos to see what it can do (Silverlight 1.1 Alpha required). Just have a look at the “Stacked Bodies” and “Dynamic Angle Joints” demos. Oh, and “Throwing the People” is impressive too.

This is all done with the Farseer Physics Engine which can be downloaded from the Codeplex site:

The Farseer Physics Engine is an easy to use 2D physics engine designed for Microsoft’s XNA and Silverlight platforms. The Farseer Physics Engine focuses on simplicity, useful features, and enabling the creation of fun, dynamic games.

Oooh, I want to incorporate some of this into my Silverlight demos….

And to the people I was playing with last night in Halo 3 matchmaking (CTF on Narrows, 3 on 3, you know who you are) I was doing my best okay! There was no need to mock my efforts in that way. And when you kept asking “where is he” I was dead, alright? They’d killed me (again). It’s not like I was hiding in a corner somewhere. Jeez…

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