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Thanks to everyone who attended our "Developing on the Windows Live Platform" session last night in Reading. I did quite a few demos of Silverlight Streaming (probably too many as I ran short of time - next time I'll have to drop some bits).

These included how to upload a Silverlight application, how to use Silverlight Streaming for content hosting (rather than application hosting), using Expression Encoder and the SL Streaming plug-in to make uploading to SL Streaming a doddle and using the SL Streaming API to automate things.

I've just been playing around with a variation of one of my demos and thought I would post it here with the help of the Silverlight Streaming Plugin for Windows Live Writer which allows you to just point and click to embed a SL Streaming app in a blog post. (Note today we also launched the next generation of Windows Live Services including a new combined installer for the Windows Live application suite and a new version of Windows Live Writer amongst other things).

So here we go - a simple, custom media player. You can click on the buttons to "change channel". I know the buttons don't work that well - I didn't get around to sorting that. But I'm amazed at how easy this was to do:

  1. Build Silverlight application (Silverlight 1.1 in my case)
  2. Package up necessary components into a .zip archive and add a simple xml manifest specifying required properties
  3. Upload to your Silverlight Streaming account
  4. In Live Writer, click on "Insert Silverlight Streaming" and select from the list of SL Streaming applications the plug-in offers you (fetched from your SL Streaming account)
  5. That's it
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