Last Night’s MSDN Event on VS2008 and ASP.NET 3.5 for the Web Developer

Thanks to everyone for coming along and (as Daniel pointed out) missing the football (I noticed that all three British teams won their games last night!). We're having some issues with the post-event slide area on the MSDN website at the moment so I'm posting my slides here so people can hold of them if they're interested. I expect Daniel will do the same.


Download Link (pptx format)

Download Link (pdf format)

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Comments (4)

  1. Adam White says:

    I went to download the slides from your link but they don’t seem to be in a compatible Office 2003 format. Can you convert it please so that those of us who are 4 years behind everyone else can look at it please?

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Hi Adam. Sorry, yes of course I can do that. Check back in a little while and I’ll have some up there in ppt format. Mike

  3. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    I had trouble uploading the ppt version to Community Serrver as it’s so much bigger than the pptx. Instead I published as pdf and I’ve uploaded that instead. I’m afraid that means losing some of the functionality (eg animated slides will be difficult to read) but it should be sufficient I hope. Mike

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